Wednesday, 17 June 2009

This week has been less exciting as we are missing our English friends but I decided to make things lively by continuing Veli Tuomo's ninja training. We have had many play fights and I must confess he is doing rather well. Of course he has learned from a master so this is only to be expected. But he is now rather hard to move when he belly flops on top of me.
He is also standing up to Sisko Aila which would be okay if she did not whinge so loudly that Äiti always appears to check all is okay.
And of course I am having to make sure Veli Stran gets his exercise and we still have the best playfights ever.
Äiti went to Ruotsi yesterday and came back with a new mouse for me. This one is huge and I have been hunting it most of the night.
It is a most excellent mouse and I can carry it around by the tail and then drop it from a great height. Unfortuantely all our games are indoors at the moment as the weather is not so good but I hope we can have a barbecue soon and that I can kill all the mosquitoes for Äiti.


Sirpa said...

Hurrrrja leikkitappelu between you and Tuomo. :D Mukavaa juhannusta to you, your sister and brothers and your äiti!

Lendi said...

That's very nice looking game :) Our boys have also really hard games :D
And what a nice blog you have here, we will visit again!
Have a nice middsommer festival :)
Oh and by the way: we hope that in autum we will have our own maine coon boy in our family ;)