Saturday, 20 June 2009

Oh what a shame, my little game is over. Someone has told Äiti that her Finnish is wrong on this blog. This often happens and she is used to it, and I cannot correct every silly little mistake of hers - and this one was quite nice. We are not, after all, a religious little community, even though here I am blessing Veli Tuomo with my Paw of Mercy.
And here Veli Tuomo is licking my venerable feet.
I now have to stop being pappi Punapippuri and tell Äiti that it's Tuomo-veli and Stran-veli. I suppose she cannot help it, being a foreigner, and at least she is trying a little bit to learn suomea. But not enough because I think there are many more things she could find for us if she knew more.
Lewis-veli has been having a hard time too. He is enjoying spending the hours of the 'night' on the balcony. But we also have a very noisy kuovi in the area, and in the last day or so he has been flying around, standing on roofs and making what Äiti would call in English 'a bloody awful racket'. And at 3am this morning he flew straight towards Lewis-veli who was just sitting on the balcony ledge. He thought he was going to be attacked and ran away. Now I would of course not let this happen - I would tell this kuovi to either start singing nicely in a lovely bubbly song and not fly at cats (especially those who are easily scared), or I would rip his beak off and make a tooth pick out of it. Punapippuri of Muhos Fields will not have this sort of disruption on his patch!


Carolyn said...

You are very naughty blaming Äiti for the incorrect Finnish - surely it is you who is writing the blog?!

Kuovi said...

Don't be sad: you can still be pappi if you want to! You are a King and they can be or do anything they want!

I'm quite sure my mamma doesn't write perfect english either and makes lots of mistakes, but isn't languages ment for understanding each other? So I don't think it's so important that the grammar is flawless but that we understand what others mean. For example: when I say to mamma: "Raur-ra!", it is very important that she knows that I'm hungry and she has to give me lots of yummy food :P Though for some reason sometimes she doesn't seem to understand it, no matter how much I try to command her to go to the kitchen... Isn't it funny? I'm not sure whether she is slightly simpleminded or just disobedient.

Juuso, the King of Southern Finland