Monday, 22 June 2009

I spent a very pleasant afternoon surveying my kingdom Here I am sat on the catnip crop. Äiti thinks now that it will not grow as it got squashed. Such a shame as it was beginning to smell nice.....And here I am checking on Tessie-kilpikonna who is new to the Finnish sunshine. She has been eating voikukka which are not buttercups but dandelions.
Stran-veli was also outside but he went exploring and when Äiti tried to get him back into the garden he panicked and escaped from his harness (which was very impressive). Äiti was so upset and I got worried too as I life without Stran-veli would be unthinkable. Anyway he explored a few gardens and kept just out of reach of Äiti for ten minutes, then he took pity on her and let her pick him up for a huge cuddle and pile of treats. He said she should not worry as he can look after himself, but Äiti does not understand that. She is not going to let him out on the harness and long lead again!
As it was so hot, Äiti got out a little tray of water for me and I had a lovely play. I wonder if I can have an even bigger paddling pool ?

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