Friday, 26 June 2009

Again we have been roasting in the clear, bright Finnish sunshine and not wanting to do very much. Äiti put me on mosquito killing duty but it was too tempting just to keep cool. As usual she had her camera with her which was not very funny.
Also, not very funny, it was V-day for perheni. Äiti kept this secret but it was time for vaccinations. Everyone was very good and said they did not feel the needle, but I saw Stran-veli and Tuomo-veli being bribed with treats. Harris-veli was the most hissy I have ever heard him and ystävämme eläinlääkäri said he was a wild English cat which is very funny as Harris loves belly tickles when he does relax, and is just very scared.
Lewis-veli has become very brave recently and he is keen to visit the garden, but Äiti thinks he is too scared to dash out. Well, she hopes that is the case. Here he has managed to climb higher than any of us - we were all very jealous.
Tuomo-veli had a shock when ystävämme eläinlääkärisaid his teeth showed he is ten years old! He is an old man cat. But Stran-veli is also this old so I shall not be rude. And Tuomo-veli is very playful, and strong. He sits on me when he pins me down and I have to use all the slidiness of my long fur to wriggle out. I wonder what his life was like then, and if he did have another family once ? He does not say - hän on suomalainen mies.


Catnapped said...

Greetings to Punapippuri, Tuomo (sorry for the teeth) !

We, the mighty Catnapped Girls, have a new climbing tree ! Although we think our Mami is not so technically oriented person since she left four (4 !) extra parts !

Mami says she's gonna give those parts to our Sisko Moona but we are not so pleased since she only hisses and growls to us (by this we mean Moona, not Mami :)

Catio Tales said...

Punapippuri writes:

that is not so god - you must make sure that the left over parts smell of you and Sisko Moona then will know exactly who is boss. Although I hear from Äiti that Sisko Moona has many things to do and is enthusiastically keeping the population of mice and shrews and voles under control in Finland (North).
Enjoy your new tree - we haven't had a new one for a month :( But a new barrel is coming from Saksa.

Sirpa said...

Your brother have climbed really high. :) He must be very limber.

Sirpa says that I have climbed more often up to my tree since I started losing weight. Weight control isn't/wasn't my idea. :D

Vets are usually very friendly, but every cat has to decide when to start speaking kissa language. Sometimes speaking kissa language is necessary.