Friday, 1 May 2009

Well the good news is that I found my mouse - he was hiding trying to get some sleep after all the chasing around last night. Veli Lewis was hiding too and Äiti left him on the balcony - he makes himself so small that he is hard to find - I have given him lots of attention to make up for it. He liked some of it.
We are all nervous because Äiti went out today to visit Raahen Eläinkoti. Veli Stran said that she would not come back alone, but she did (well apart from two lovely ladies who came back and said nice things about the house and what wonderful cats we are). However tomorrow apparently we are to have a new Veli; Veli Tuomo. That will happen if the house is thought to be okay for cats, which of course it is because it is my kingdom and fit only for royalty so we shall have to see if Tuomo is suitable for us. I think as long as he does not steal my mouse it will be okay, but the others are a little bit worried that all their food will get eaten and he will sit in all the favourite sleeping places. And for some reason Äiti is more worried that we will cause him stress: as he has been in eläinkoti for a year it will not be easy. So it is all very exciting here and it has been a very good Vappu. Äiti says she now needs a good night's sleep so she can get everything sorted for welcoming the new boy. I have other ideas of course......

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