Sunday, 3 May 2009

Veli Tuomo got to spend the whole night with Äiti and even slept on her bed. This is entirely not fair and I demand that we be treated equally - except for me because I am king so I should get more. He gets up every time Äiti goes near him and rubs his head against her, and is very demanding and, dare I say it, loving. The rest of us are crying out for her attention. However we have been very nice to him even if he sits and growls at us a little. Äiti says he has played with the magic fish (MY magic fish toy may I add, how generous am I?) and thinks he will settle okay. Sisko Aila had been more mean and tried to chase him, but she is just nasty. She was very bossy when we were sitting on my noble platform.
But as you can see, justice did win and I couldn't resist giving her a flick when she left.

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