Monday, 25 May 2009

This has not been a good day. I should have realised it would be a trial for me when Äiti did not get up until 5.45am to give us breakfast. I had been snuggling my claws against her for a whole hour, starving.
But the horror I saw after my meagre morning snack. KOLME ORAVAA! Perkele. All dancing around and running away, free. But they cannot beat me in the competition for fluffiest tail - they are truly rats who have just a bit of fur on their bottoms. Not like me - I have a glorious brush.
And then later, when playing in Tuomo's bed, he decides to prove he is bigger than me and after a brief 'cuddle' then only he is left in his bed. I have discovered he is actually quite strong and the tubbiness is not so much flab as muscle. I shall have to be careful. it would not be good for King Kitty Cat of all Finland (except the South) to lose too much face.
But last night I was a true film satr - Äiti took this little video of me hunting my favourite mouse. As you can see it runs away a lot so I have to bring it back. Sisko Aila said something about 'pölhö, oletko koira?' which was impressive as she has been learning Finnish even though she was being a horrible rude girl cat.


Catnapped said...

Come on Punapippuri, I know you have Royal Canin dry cat food always available, you won't starv. I prefer dry food :)

We have been in our cottage. It was lovely, but it is really nice to home again :)

Mami is going to Haparanda tomorrow and we'll get a new carrier.


Catio Tales said...
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Catio Tales said...

Punapippuri writes:

Dry food is not real nice fresh, soft food! It is not the same. How can you eat it ALL the time??

Äiti bought me a lovely cat tent from Ikea. I do not know if they have your colour but it is great to hide in and move around the room. See if you can get one!