Saturday, 9 May 2009

This has been a week in which I have had to become stronger, or dark moods would have taken me over. We suffered two nights in which we had no access to Äiti's bed, but Veli Tuomo did. This was all Sisko Aila's fault so I am not very happy with her. Luckily Veli Tuomo is becoming more confident with her, and with me - well, he needs to show some respect. Afterall, this is MY platform and he is making his mark on it!
We have been on the balcony more and I am perfecting my leaps onto the ledge, thanks to using Äiti's shoulders as a springboard. Perhaps one day I try to do it without claws as she always seems to yell. Most times now when the door is open we are all out there in harmony and peace, listening to the birds (there are lovely sounds from kouvi in the early morning). And when it is cold we have nice new cushions and curtains in our downstairs residence.
Veli Stran looks so happy and relaxed. Luckily the bacteria and viruses seem to be leaving him alone but he says he'll be glad when his tablets have finished as he's getting fed up with taking them.
Last night Äiti had visitors - well, she didn't: we did! And we were played with for the evening - lots of chase with the magic fish (luckily Veli Tuomo has not said it is his but is happy to share, just like his benevolent lord and master, myself). I had a lovely time. But then this morning Äiti got out the nasty comb and removed all the little dreadlocks from my tummy. I was not happy, but I must admit it feels better now. She was not happy as there was blood everywhere. I must have perfected my claw sharpening nicely.

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Kuovi said...

Veli Tuomo seems quite relaxed already :) It's so nice to think that he has a loving home now too <3