Saturday, 2 May 2009

It has been a very busy and stressful day. Instead of having our usual midday nap, we were disturbed by lots of building noises. We now have a fantastic cat platform on our balcony, and can watch my kingdom. In particular I will be able to keep an eye on the squirrel situation.
Our platform has so much history and again I am proud to be a Finncat (and it is indeed special that we can look out onto the flag now, my heart swells with pride on lippupäivät). The wood has come from an outdoor sauna that is about 100 years old: ancient pine from the forests of the north which have seen many generations and much sweat and toil. And now I can tell my family of this when they sit near me on this noble shelf. They tell me to be quiet as I know nothing of sweat and toil, but I have to try.
We also have our new brother but cannot see him yet. This is not fair as he is in the bedroom and it is nice and sunny there. Äiti says he must feel safe and confident before he meets us. Ha! He has his own food, and toilet, and lots of blankets. At least when the nice people from eläinkoti came along they played with me and thatt made me feel quite special. Veli Stran hid behind the washing machine which really worried Äiti but maybe he had seen a cat box. We don't like cat boxes as they normally mean we have a trip to somewhere we don't want to go. But Veli Stran is okay now and having a wash. Äiti has said Tuomo is having a wash too but that is not good enough - I need to see him and check him out. We need to sniff bottoms at the very least!


Kuovi said...

I'm so jealous! I don't have as nice balcony as you! Actually I don't have a balcony at all, only my backyard... That new brother of yours looks really nice, hope you'll get along fine! I myself don't like other cats so much, just last night I chased one away from MY backyard, you should have seen how fast he ran! Today when mamma took me for a walk I remembered him and tried to find out where he went so I could have chased him a bit more, but unfortunately he was nowhere to be found...


Catio Tales said...

Punapippuri writes:

We have just met Veli Tuomo. VeliStran and I ate his food - hahaha. Then we noticed him and he growled at Veli stran. I stood back but Sisko Aila introduced herself and she did not his. It was odd - why would he growl at Stran but like Aila?!?! I decided to keep back - as suomalainen kissa I prefer to check from a distance and do it quietly!
Our balcony is great - but I would like to chase orava. I think you are a great protector of your kingdom.

Sirpa said...

It sounds nice that you have a new brother and I am sure that you will be friends soon and the new brother Tuomo knows that you are kuningas. :)

I have my very sunny and warm etupiha and I don't like other cats there. When emäntä takes me for a walk we go to forest and there is sometimes dogs but everyone has been friendly to me so far.


Catio Tales said...

Punapippuri writes.

I am jealous you can go walking in metsä. Wow! Äiti says I might go to the lake if I behave on the lead. Huh! I always behave. But it has been a very hard night as we were locked out of the bedroom and Veli Tuomo got all the cuddles. This had better stop! In my kingdom we should all be treated fairly- except me: kings get at least double.