Sunday, 24 May 2009

Äiti says there's one more week of early breakfasts then she will be getting up later, as 'work' will have finished. This means she can go hunting more for us and bring us yummy food. We hope that she will use the new bbq and skewers to catch orava. Veli Tuomo and I are now trying to plan together how to catch him.
And Veli Tuomo is showing off saying how big the last orava was that he caught. I am not sure I believe him.
Äiti did go out for a long time today and came back with some nasty ruotsalainen Ikea bags. However she also came back with lots of toys from Djurmagazinet so I am perhaps beginning to soften in my defenses. Also I was bought this ace tent.
It is perfect for me as it is camouflaged, and the orange matches my fur so no one will ever find me in here. I will hide from Sisko Aila and when she sneaks by I will biff her legs.
We had a minor problem last night when one cat tree met with a little accident. No one is sure who is to blame but we had a bit of a playfight and the top snapped off. This now means we have two smaller but stronger cat trees which was an excellent outcome, even if Veli Harris was so shocked we haven't seen him all day.

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