Friday, 29 May 2009

Äiti says she has to go to work tomorrow, which I think is odd as this will be the sixth day running and she only usually goes in for five days in a row. But hse has said that then she is home for a long time - except when she visits friends. Or we have visitors. I am not sure I like the sound of that but everyone else is really really excited. I am keeping calm by beating up Veli Tuomo. Here he is trying to steal my favourite mouse which of course cannot be allowed.
Something else which should not be allowed is FUR TRIMMING. And here I must trust the therapeutic powers of sharing and writing my feelings This is not easy for suomalainen mies-kissa. Today I had my tummy fur trimmed in a couple of places where I was growing little dreadlocks. Now this was a battle and I am pleased to sayÄiti has been told off by my claws and teeth, but I must also admit it is a bit more comfortable now. Äiti has said we have to compromise and I must have my tummy combed to stop this happening. I have not responded to this as I am still too traumatised. I cannot help it if I have long, silky fur which wants to twist and knot.

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