Saturday, 25 April 2009

When Äiti finally woke up this morning she decided it was warm enough to have the balcony door open so Veli Stran, Sisko Aila and I went outside to sit in the sun. Unfortunately Äiti has not been organised enough to give us some good furniture to sit lie on and we have horrible boxes. She has assured us that a highly skilled carp+enter will be coming to sort it all out, but in the meantime I think we shall just be grateful that we can go out. Veli Stran has to be careful because of his lungs so our visits outside are monitored carefully. They also seem to be restricted by horrible netting which means we cannot get perfect views of the snacks that fly past us. We are not sure what to do about that as it is a big disappointment that we cannot be joined on the balcony by linnut ja oravat. So instead I brought my favourite mouse out to liven things up.

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