Sunday, 26 April 2009

We have felt the sun on our fur today and spent the morning on our balcony. Veli Harris was hiding but Veli Lewis came and sat on a chair with me, and as I was in a good mood I let him stay.
Veli Stran was very happy and kept waiting by the door to be let out. We need some better furniture though so we can all lie down and sunbathe. It is a shame that Äiti cannot remove the roof as well so we could get more sun for longer, but I suppose she might be a little upset if we asked her to move so we could have a south facing balcony.


Mirka said...

So Cosy! I am happy for your new balcony and OWN house:)

Catio Tales said...

Punapippuri writes:

Indeed it is. You should visit. Perhaps by then we will have caught the squirrel who keeps invading OUR garden.

Carolyn said...

Thank you for being nice to Veli Lewis!

Catio Tales said...

Punapippuri writes:
This is of course no great hardship - he is a good brother to me and always lets me taste his food first. We were all surprised he came outside and was so big and brave - he must be learning from me.