Thursday, 2 April 2009

This is Stranraer here. The young squirt has gone very quiet and wobbly but asked me to blog away for his 'adoring fans'. He says he is totally unaffected by the trauma of miaowing desperately all night from the cold dark dungeon of the sauna. He says he was big and brave in the cars and in no way struggled so desperately to get out that he tangled up his blanket. And of course he did not leap up in such joy at seeing Äiti come to get him that he hit his head on the cage. And when she cuddled him of course he did not have to be peeled out of her jacket to be put in the basket so she could at least leave the vet's. Oh no, he is Punapippuri of Muhos Fields and has taken this in his stride - which I have to report is a very sore, slow walk at the moment. I have made sure all is well with a brotherly sniff and lick of his bottom And I did want to check that his bits had really gone - afterall the thought of little baby Punapippurit is more than any of us can cope with. Let's just hope he calms down as well - we could all do with a break.


Mirka said...

You'll be all right Punapippuri. I am now happy that I do not need to share Mirka with any possible kittens, but can have her all to myself:)

Catio Tales said...

Punapippuri wirtes:
Now that is a very good way of thinking of it! I had not thought of that at all - Äiti is all mine. Well, maybe Velit & Sisko can have her sometimes when I am asleep.