Wednesday, 8 April 2009

There are boxes everywhere and we are all a little fed up. Even our favourite toilets are packed and we now have to go in horrible open trays. This is not good and I have tried to make my point by flicking the sand everywhere. Apparently it is 'not for long', but we will be all alone tomorrow in an empty room. Now, I do love perheni but sharing a tiny room with them is not my idea of fun (especailly as Sisko Aila will be there). We have been told 'it will be worth it' but unless I have my favourite mouse and plenty of personal space so I can pounce and play and sleep with all of me stretched out, I shall not be happy. Oh, and my own food bowls of course. And blanket. And scratching post. Veli Stran is telling me I can have all this if I stay here on my own while everyone else moves - which is not very kind of him so I hope it is a joke. He is not very happy as his hiding place under all the boxes has been shut off so he cannot escape there for his naps. I am quite happy to let him sleep next to me but for some reason he doesn't like too - he says I move around too much. But I am catching poroa and hirvea in my dreams so of course I move - I am an athletic hunter even in my sleep.


Catnapped said...

My Mami know what is going to happen to you and she told me, that are are moving to a great rivitalo-flat, where is lot of seeing for little and little bit older cats. And guess what, you are going to have a balcony with a net. It will be really nice especially summertime.


Catio Tales said...

So in a maybe it is ok to be trapped in a stinky room with scared perheni as it will be worth it? We are locked in and it is not much fun. One litter tray and nervous stomachs - not good. But Velit Lewis and Harris put up a good fight and hid very hard. I just hope we do not get left behind.

Carolyn said...

You had better all be on your best behaviour then!