Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Sometimes Äiti leaves the house late, and we like these mornings as she tries to clean - I always chase the brush and then point out where the floor is still dirty. I have also been chasing Sisko Aila because she is still very annoying. Today though she was more interested in a supply of catnip.
I wonder if she has a little addiction problem with it, as after I have beaten her up and made her squeal like a girlie, she always runs over to our catnip toys. This is a massage centre which everyone has ignored until today when it became Sisko Aila's favourite. Poor Veli Harris walked past her afterwards so she began picking on him and play fighting.
In the meantime Veli Stran has just taken everything in his usual calm way and he was trying to snooze in the sun.
Veli Lewis is still shy. He is often hiding now but when Äiti goes out he comes to look out of the windows. He has had some bad furballs and has a very nervous stomach so even I am trying to be kind to him. He and Veli Harris spent four years locked in a shed and only seeing humans when they were fed, so they are very nervous and all the space here can spook them easily.

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