Monday, 20 April 2009

Sisko Aila was being greedy with the catnip cigar so I think it is okay to post this picture of looking like a real catnip druggie! And then Äiti caught her mid lick in this photo.
She has again been competing for attention. I wish Äiti would give her extra attention like she gave me yesterday -I am still traumatised. The horrible harness came out and I was locked in it. She then took me into the garden which was interesting and I would have climbed trees and chased birds if I hadn't have been caught by the evil leash. Äiti hopes I get used to it. I have other ideas. I was in a very bad mood afterwards and very unsettled. As a result there was an embarrassing incident and Äiti had to wash my tail at 5am this morning. I think it serves her right, but probably the least said about it the better.
She has also been trying to comb me - I quite like using the comb to clean my teeth. But she says that I have to be neat and tidy, not wild and hairy. Even Veli Stran joined in, which really was not fair.
He wanted to check that the operation had worked because I was in such a temper yesterday (after the harness from hell) that he thought maybe my pieneä palloja had grown back. What a cheek!


Kuovi said...

I didn't like that thing called harness either when I was younger! They couldn't make me to like it at all! That is why I have a collar, I like it much better. Some people laugh at me when they see me and say that I'm just like a dog when I'm wearing it, but that is kind of insulting thing to say about the King of All Cats, don't you think?!


Catio Tales said...

Punapippuri writes:

I will let you be King of All Cats in Southern Finland, but as soon you travel north then you are entering the Kingdom of Punapippuri of Muhos Fields.
Maybe I try this collar thing. The harness is not good. In England cats wear collars, and bells which I think would be horrible and loud. My far distant cousins Bramble and Treacle also have magnets so they can open up their own door, and no other cats can get in. They are allowed to Go Out Alone with no harness or leash, and roam the fields. They catch lots of shrews. Although I am jealous, they may meet dreadful things like cars, and their country has some very cruel people - usually in cities like Veli Stran has known. But as well their are very nice people too, like Bramble and Treacle's mum and dad who will visit me soon, but I still am very glad that I live in Finland.