Tuesday, 28 April 2009

I, Punapippuri of Muhos Fields, am proudly wearing a collar. Well, sometimes I feel proud as I think it looks really smart and Äiti says if I keep it then maybe I can go outside with her; but other times I think it is awful and I put my paws out with claws extendend and hit anything in sight. So I am not sure what I will do. At least it is not the red Harness from Hell; instead it is a smart blue colour and says 'kitty cat' which Äiti has told me is English for 'King of all Cats' so maybe it is okay. Just so long as no one else is allowed to wear one, and they all know their place. And it would be good to go outside and GET THAT SQUIRREL.


Kuovi said...

So glad to hear that! If I, the King of all Cats in the southern Finland, wear a collar then maybe it's some kind of symbol of being a king, like a crown for human kings. So of course you, the King of all Cats in the northern Finland should wear your collar proudly too! And it's so fun to get outdoors! I love it and am so happy because mamma is now taking me almost every day for a long walk to strenghten my legs.

Catio Tales said...

Punapippuri writes:

Aha, I knew it, it is indeed a mark of nobility and perhaps even royal blood. Maybe I have to concede to being King of Northern Finncats and you can have the south, eh Juuso! Now all I have to do is command Äiti to take me out. It is wet under the paw at the moment so perhaps not today. besides we have just had a feast of breakfast - just as well as we could see the bottom of our dried food bowls before. I know, this is near starvation conditions and not very good at all. Äiti is losing her grip - she says Velitni need to lose weight. Hmmmmm.