Thursday, 16 April 2009

I am liking this new house a lot. The floors are nice and skiddy and I can run fast up and down the stairs when my favourite mouse runs away from me. Äiti is annoyed that while hopping across her laptop I broke one of the keys and within half an hour Sisko Aila had spilt a whole cup of tea across the keyboard of the other computer. We are just playful, energetic cats who need to flex out muscles, and she should realise that sometimes things get broken. That is life. However she has said that she's going to take the money she loses from the deposit for the old flat out of our food and toy budget. This is not fair: afterall I only wrecked the wallpaper in three out of the four rooms so it could have been worse.


Mirka said...

Kiva, että viihdyt uudessa kodissasi! Äidilläsi on asenneongelma, toivottavasti se menee ohi. Läppäreitä saa uusia rahalla ja opettajilla on isot palkat. kasvavat kissanpennut tarvitsevat paljon ruokaa ja leluja. Me mahdumme jo kaikki kaksi koiraa ja kissaa samaan huoneeseen!


Catio Tales said...

Äiti sanoa, joka on höpö höpö- Punapippuresta tämä on ihana!

Sirpa said...

Onnea uuteen kotiin! :)