Monday, 13 April 2009

At last! The computer has been put together and I may contact my adoring public to tell them all about how absolutely ihana and ace my new home is.
But first, the struggle of the last few days, which I must now try to realise was a terrible trial I had to deal with in order for greater riches to happen. Sisko Aila-Islay said it harshly when she told me to 'get a grip'. She can talk - I've seen her sneaking to Äiti for extra cuddles.
I of course get these cuddles all the time.
We were all 'herded' (there is no other word for it) into an empty room for four hours and all we could hear was thumping and lifting. Äiti then let us out and the flat was empty - except for a few toys. Nothing to destroy. Not much food either. Then we were left alone. She came back later that day and I was so tired I fell asleep on her so she stayed hours! Then we were alone all night, until well beyond breakfast time the next day. Then we were grabbed -yes grabbed- and put into horrible crates, which were larger than the usual Box of Doom. I was very worried because I thought we were all being driven off to have nasty operations, so we all decided to sing very loudly in the car. Even Veli Lewis. I also tried to free us all by throwing myself very hard against the box - with my superhero strength I thought it would break open but I was feeling a little weak after not enough breakfast.
We drove for many long minutes (Velit Harris and Lewis were really scared as they thought we were going to lentoasema) and then we arrived at oma rivitalo. Now this is a much better deal than the last place and maybe I will not rip the wall paper this time. I was very pleased that all our favourite toys were already there and we had clean toilets and lots of beds to sleep in.
The windows have better things to look at and we have a balcony. This has netting on it - Äiti does not trust us not to jump out! We do have a terrace and garden and I am plotting how to get out as I think there are squirrels I can chase out there.
We all have so many places to hide. Veli Stran stayed here while he watched Äiti unpack.
I have discovered it is really fun to sit at the top of the stairs and biff everyone who goes past.
Veli Harris is still shy and decided to check Tessie-kilpikonna was okay. He really is very kind and gentle.
Of course not everything is in its correct place yet and Äiti keeps putting this cushion in the cat tree bowl. I have been moving it for months but she still hasn't learnt that it goes right in the middle of the floor.
None of us are sure about this new eating arrangement: 6 bowls in a row in the kitchen. And only two dried food troughs in the whole house. I hope we will not starve particularly as we are getting much more exercise running up and down stairs. The sauna is nicer here too: all 5 Britcats were in it until Äiti switched it on for me to have my sauna! Then they ran off. They have so many more hiding places now, and we are all very happy. Äiti isn't getting much sleep because we are so happy!


Kuovi said...

So nice to hear that all is well there and your äiti didn't disappear after all! I'm happy too, because my mamma has been taking me more often outside for a walk :) She says it's warm and dry enough for me to enjoy it and I need some exercise so my feet will get stronger and will not ache so often. But I just like it because I can sniff the lovely smells in the bushes, explore new places and rub my head against all bushes and building corners so every other cat in the neighbourhood knows that I -the Boss of All Cats- am back!


Catio Tales said...

Punapippuri writes:
Hei! King Juuso! Now that is what I want - to show everyone that I, Punapippuri of Muhos Fields am now master of my own territory. But it is a little bit cold and wet, and not so nice outside with slushy snow so maybe tomorrow I start to show everyone who is boss :)
I hope your feet stop aching soon, otherwise you might not be able to run to catch squirrels,. I have decided they are nasty creatures and want to catch as many as I can.

Mirka said...

I am so happy you've moved!!!!!! Lets' have a party!!!!! Stairs are great, I know. Uncle Laku's house has stairs and many hiding places.I love that. One day I'm gonna have a house like that...I have also been hiding as we have another DOG for a visit for all week and though he is the size of a cat he likes chasing us. Stupid dog. He is wearing nappies as he wants to mark the whole house icluding my bed, but now all my things have been moved to Eetus room and it is better though I have to share the room with Tellu. But Tellu is Ok. She is my sister and better than any DOG anyway.


Carolyn said...

Lovely to see you all settling into the new house - Punapippuri I'm sure you are king of it already. I look forward to seeing you there this summer!

Catio Tales said...

Punapippuri writes:

Kiitos, you are welcome but just remember to bring lots of mice, and nice fresh meat and fish for me. Then I might let you sleep better when you do come. And no socks - I don't like it when Äiti wears socks in bed so you mustn't either.

Mirka said...

I'll bring you a horse. It'll keep you busy chewing for a while