Sunday, 19 April 2009

Äiti has finally got a new keyboard so I can blog properly again. I am here sitting on it. Today she was going to leave us to go out birdwatching. She said she was going to take photos. These are no good to us as we cannot eat them. I also think kurkia might be a little tough to chew and we would prefer the little birds on the feeder. More of a tasty snack. I am glad to see she has hung a couple outside and we are waiting for the cabaret to start.
There is unrest here at the moment. Sisko Aila-Islay has been sleeping next to Äiti in MY orange bed. She says it was hers before it was mine but that doesn't count, and now she is leaving me to sleep on the sheet. Admittedly I get closer access for toe biting, but it is still not fair. Also she can see me every time when I wake up and want a cuddle - as does often happen because I am just a little kollikissa who still needs to have love and attention, even if half the time I am tearing up the hand that tickles me. Sisko Aila has become more assertive in this new house and I don't like it. Veli Stran had to wait ages before she had finished with a new catnip cigar last night. And this picture shows the torture I faced when my favourite mouse ran over to her.
I had to pretend I wasn't interested before she finally walked off.

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