Sunday, 8 March 2009

We have had visitors, and I have -I hope - been the perfect host. Some friends of Äiti came Kuopiosta. At first everyone else hid because our visitors included CHILDREN. But these were very nice children who were quiet when asked to be, and they played with me and Aila-Islay and Stran. Even Velit Harris and Lewis did poke their heads out to look at them - which was very unusual. And we were bought a new scratching post, and some toys - now I like those sorts of visitors - they can come again!
I put myself in charge of everything and made sure all toilet rules were followed properly by rushing into the bathroom before I could be locked out. It did not always work and I sometimes had to scratch away at the door before I was let in. I try to make sure that all litter tray rules are followed properly and enjoyed demonstrating this myself with the stinkiest kaka I could make - well, all the humans had been out for a 'curry' so I had to have my revenge.
As there were so many people Äiti slept on the sofa - I spent the night walking around seeing how many toes I could bite but everyone had sleeping bags and their feet were all locked up. Voi voi. Last night, when they had gone, I slept by Äiti and had a lovely time waking her up for our breakfast by nipping her feet. She was not so happy. So I have been a loving little cat by snuggling up with her. Veli Stran says I am going soft, but sometimes after a stressful time it is nice to have a cuddle.

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