Wednesday, 4 March 2009

We are so relaxed and happy: it is one of those weeks when Äiti does not have to set the alarm and get up early. She has been pretending opiskella suomea but is not fooling me because she still has not visited kauppatorille and bought fresh Finnish delicacies for us. She did tell us that she went to the bank and maybe we will move sometime this year to 'oma koti' so she then does not have to worry about my tiny claws ripping up the wallpaper. Voi voi, a boy has got to keep his claws perfect! She asked me what I have against the Åland Islands when she saw the wall map.


Mirka said...

In Åhvenanmaa-Åland they speak swedish and people are better off than in the mainland, but your äiti does not know that yet. How are you getting on with the Kuopiolaiset? Mirka visited Kuopio for 4,5 hours today and found out you're having visitors today:)


Catio Tales said...

Äiti did know that and was just hoping it was not yet more strength of feeling from a little Finncat. We have all had a wonderful time with visitors from Kuopio - when Punapippuri has enough energy he will blog about it -we are all currently, to use a good English phrase, 'knackered'.