Tuesday, 31 March 2009

We are moving! Everyone else is really worried about aeroplanes but we will not need to fly to go north of Oulujoki. And Veli Stran is a bit unhappy so I think that we have to fight off bacteria and viruses again. Äiti is spending time tickling his sore throat.
But it will be good because I will have a whole new house with new wallpaper to tear down. Äiti says we will have a balcony and maybe even go into a garden which is near a lake so I can go fishing and hunting like a true Finncat. I will catch lohia and kotkaa because I am a huge powerful kollikissa. I will also protect my family from karhua ja susia because that is my job.
Now I can reach into the tallest boxes to check that everything is packed and as it should be. I am even hoping that in one box I can hide my pieneä palloja so that they will not be lost forever. In all the excitement I have not forgotten that Thursday is a dreadful day for me - I hope Äiti has forgotten and is too busy packing to take me to ystävämme eläinlääkäri.

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