Thursday, 26 March 2009

Life continues to be really tough and I have spent long lonely hours in the bathroom. I do not know why. Äiti traps me in there after I wake her up with a friendly kiss on the toes at 4am. My voice is hoarse with miaowing and when that fails to get me rescued, I try to run into the door. I am a very strong cat so I think someone wicked must have reinforced the door with lead - otherwise I could break through it. I have however learned to jump and am now able to get to more shelves; here I have been learning physics. I have already been testing Newton's theory of gravity with a plant and its pot, and am delighted to say gravity worked and the mess was huge.
Äiti keeps looking at the calendar and muttering that she cannot yet set a date for 'it' which is a very good thing for me as everyday I can feel my pieneä palloja not being quite so pieni. In fact I am now walking with a very stylish swagger which would be very attractive to any young lady cats who might wish to visit. Äiti says as soon as all the details for the new house are signed, then it's time for the chop. I do not like the sound of that but for some reason Veli Stran keeps trying to hand her the phone.


Mirka said...

Be careful! Terrible thing happened to me this morning. I was put in a box, though I have been behaving myself for 2 days after getting some pills. I was delighted as I thouht Mirka would take me to see uncle Laku, but no. We went to see a vet. I was welcomed by three dogs barking and a red cat which I hoped was you rescuingme. I was taken inside and got some nasty injectoin, though I was being nice and little scared. When I woke up after few hours I felt dizzy and my tummy hurts. I cannot work properly and I threw up. I found my bed wet. What happened to me? Now I am hiding behing the garbage pin in the kitchen hoping that you do not see me now. I am not sure it any big red cat finds me attractive any more:(

Maru the miserable

Catio Tales said...

Oh no! Kultani! But I am sure you are just the same sweet bundle of mischief and I can love you even if you cannot make me a father. I am so sad you no longer can help me populate the world with magnificent kittens, and I hope that you soon come out from behind the garbage and proudly show off your wounds that nasty humans have inflicted. Äiti has been talking to the others and they are now smiling at me and saying that I too shall not be a real man after next Thursday. I do not like this; perhaps I jump on lentokone and come to visit you. Why is life so difficult for us???