Thursday, 5 March 2009

I think the time to protect two important parts of my body may be coming. I cannot think why Äiti says they should be removed. I am having so much fun chasing everyone and fighting. It may be something to do with the way Veli Harris screamed last night, Sisko Aila-Islay always growls at me, and the little scratch Veli Lewis has on his head.
It's only a tiny little scratch, and Äiti did give him lots of attention to make him feel better. I am not sure he wanted to be brushed for half an hour but he has been walking around the flat like he owns the place ever since. Anyway my little teeth do not do much damage - afterall I still do not have all of them. But I do have a very beautiful mouth as you can see.
And I am far too söpö to cause any problems. Butter would not melt in my mouth....

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Carolyn said...

Vähän hirviö!