Friday, 13 March 2009

Äiti came home in a bad mood from work, muttering something about a new house and greedy people wanting too much money. She says she is trying to find us a new home where we can watch birds and squirrels and maybe even get fish from the lake but things have not gone 'to plan' today. Voi voi.
She then sat down to write lots of things in lots of boxes on lots of pieces of paper so I decided to help her by making sure that the pile of papers got smaller much more quickly.

I cannot imagine why she got cross with me, I was only trying to be helpful.


Sirpa said...

You just try to help Äiti. :) Hyvää työtä! I also love ripping paper.

I have been putting on too much weight so I have to lose weight and change my ruokavalio to erikoisruoka, said my vet.
I hope that the new food will taste delicious.
Kollo (the big cat)

Catio Tales said...

Punapippuri writes:

Oh no, a diet! Velit Stran should eat low fat food but he doesn't - instead I try to keep him fit by chasing him around. He is also trying to do his exercises hehehehe. I hope your food is tasty!