Saturday, 21 February 2009

We are now back to our happy household size, and Äiti has slept away most of today with a stinky headache. This is not so good as Jamie gave her a fillet of fish to thank us for being such lovely cats. It is still in the fridge - she has not cooked it for us yet so I wish this headache would go away.
I have been busy hunting, as you can see.
I have also lost another huge fang which left lots of blood and made me very unhappy on Thursday night. I had to bite away at a woolen blanket for ages to help soothe my gums. And after that I bit Äiti lots because it just made me feel better.
Veli Stran has been very playful and is helping me with the trauma of growing up. He doesn't mind if I bite off bits of his fur by accident at times.Sisko Aila-Islay is very sad Jamie has gone as he let her sleep in his bed (until I would come along!). She is now wandering around and getting very growly if I try to play with her. She is no fun! Still, I shall make sure that I chase her around so she doesn't get too miserable.

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