Saturday, 28 February 2009

This morning has been extremely stressful and I hope Äiti goes out hunting for food soon. I had a restless night, and was very hungry many times. This morning I tried to be a helpful little cat, clearing up some of the mess (there was still catnip everywhere) so I decided to help Äiti with the cleaning. All that seemed to happen was that I got catnip stuck in my fur - which maybe was not so bad.
But then a horrifying incident took place and I am not sure how and when to forgive my beloved human for this. She put a collar on me. How undignified. I am proud to say I fought against this, escaping several times and there was indeed blood. Hers, not mine of course.

Punapippuri of Muhos Fields will not be put on a leash. She did finally manage to put it all on but I ran around in such a hissy fit she took it off soon after. Now she can go away and leave, and bring us back lohi, and maybe, just maybe if it is tasty kala, I will let her play with me again.

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