Thursday, 12 February 2009

Minun uusi lempinimi on 'cupcake'. Ei ole hauskaa. What am I meant to do? I want to hug and leap on Sisko Aila-Islay and she just snarls and yells and growls so I have to hug my brothers instead. Punapippuri of Muhos Fields is not selfish, I share my love. But even Äiti got fed up and I spent a very lonely half hour in the sauna (which was not even switched on) after my claws were dug into her toes which was of course a tiny accident and not at all deliberate. Äiti seems to be concentrating hard on calendars and dates and looking at my fluffy tummy and telling me 'they have to go'. This is very worrying - is it soon time to say goodbye to my pieniä palloja? They are still very tiny but I am beginning to get to know them, and maybe I want to keep them!


Carolyn said...

Treacle writes:

"Hi there cupcake,
Don't worry about your pieniä palloja. Having them chopped off will make you lighter and FASTER! Like me! And it might even make you brave enough to go in the snow. Everyone knows girl cats are better than boy cats and us girls have never needed pieniä palloja.

Might be worth negotiating extra treats anyway though.

Serkku Treacle"

Catio Tales said...

Punapippuri writes.

Pah! Girl cats are in no way better. Just because you went out in the snow doesn't mean you could cope with the climate we have here. We have many dangerus things we have to deal with from behind excellent double glazing. I would like to challenge you to a sauna contest..... And I think I need my pieniä palloja, and the extra treats because this is a very stressful time.

And don't call me cupcake.