Saturday, 7 February 2009

In England it has apparently been snowing and all the little Britcats have been experiencing snow on their pawpads. Serkku Treacle of Dursley Meadows, who is all black apart from a patch on a very private part of her tummy, had a walk in the snow. This is excellent practice for when she visits me.
Sisko Aila-Islay however didn't like the snow and after having made some very deep footprints she came inside fast. Veli Stran tried to come out and we all stopped him because that is how bacteria and viruses get into his poor lungs.

An then Äiti began laughing at me becasue I stayed outside for an even shorter time than Sisko Aila. Well, I am not stupid am I ? What cat - Finncat or Britcat - would stay outside when there is a nice warm blanket to sleep on ? Besides I like to feel the air between my fur not icy snow. Brrrrrrrr.

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