Sunday, 8 February 2009

I had a wonderful visit form Liisa, the lovely lady who took me to a safe place here in Oulu, back in October when I was a starving, frightened pikku pentu. She came to see that I was okay, and how much I had grown. It was very funny hearing Äiti speak very bad Finnish, but we did not need words to show how happy I am with my family. Veli Stran did finally appear to say 'terve' too. Sisko Aila dashed out, but Velit Harris and Lewis hid.
Yesterday was very busy and today is not so good koska minulla on hammassärky. Kakka maitoahampaita! I am biting everything and Äiti has even tried with a little toothbrush to help me. I suppose these are just the trials of becoming a big, handsome kollikissa. I must make sure I get enough rest to cope with all these struggles.
And as you can see, even though I was brushed and combed and handsome yesterday, it does not take long for the chaos of my curly bits to takeover my tummy.

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