Saturday, 14 February 2009

I am not sure I like this; one of our 'facilities' has been moved and it is now more public. And there is a bed in Äiti's work room. She also got a very noisy machine from the cupboard which sucked up fur and claw chips from the floor. This Jamie must be very important as she even sorted some of the computer cables and wires I have been busy knitting. It will take months to get the right mix of fur and tangle again.
She did come back with lots of lovely food last night and I noticed she has poro in the fridge so I hope we will all have a treat. Afterall, with all this stress I need to keep up my strength.
And I nearly forgot the biggest insult! Her bedroom door was shut after 5am last night and we all had to suffer. She said she really needed sleep, and toe chewing and foot massage was not helping. I cannot help it if I have so much energy that I have to have a playmate at such a time and need her to wake up. We did get our own back though - two big yucky furballs waiting for her when she shifted her lazy self. Velit Harris' was particularly revolting and the sofa did need a good clean afterwards. He can be such a cool cat sometimes.


Mirka said...

You got such handsome brothers, no wonder you dont want to show them! It is hard to be NARSISTI sometimes!

Hello from Kuopio!


Catio Tales said...

Punapippuri writes

handsome they may be but they are not a patch on the dashing youth I possess. Give my regards to Kuopio - there are some lovely cats and people there. Äiti should go and visit sometimes and leave us in peace - we could then have a party and eat lots and throw up furballs for when she got back.