Saturday, 14 February 2009

And forgive me, where are my manners ? I have been so full of myself I nearly forgot:

Hvyää ystävänpäivää kaikille!

To my loyal followers in particular: Juuso, Treacle, Bramble, Aada, Saara, Löösatti, Sirpa, Kollo, Karvinen, George, Stanley, Sid, Tellu, Maru, Mia, Bertie, Phoebe, Villi and anyone else I may have accidentally forgotten - my brain is not so good after I have been so badly and cruelly treated by Äiti which I am sure you will understand.

I shall now go and chase my family to give them huge hugs :)


Kuovi said...

Hyvää ystävänpäivää to you too! My leg is feeling better already :) Yesterday I was so full of energy after having just slept few days that mamma had to remind me that I was supposed to be RESTING and not running around and bossing mamma :D So clearly I'm beginning to be myself again...


Catio Tales said...

Punapippuri writes:

Good to hear this Juuso! Always do what they do not expect or want!
I tried to sneak in to the 'guest room' when Äiti went hunting in Lidl. I wanted to make a little piddlepuddle on the bed, to welcome Jamie. BUT I could not - there was plastic on the bed. Äiti had already thought of that :( I shall have to think again.
The only good thing about all this tidying - all my toys are being found again.