Thursday, 29 January 2009

Voi voi. I do not know what to think. the day began well and Äiti did not dash out to 'work' before it was light but she did sit at the computer (when I wanted to be blogging and checking to see whether I can join catbook) and she was typing lots. So I sat very quietly and patiently by the keyboard and then when she was making yet another cup of tea I began ripping up her work. The Finnish National Curriculum - it did not taste very nice. Veli Stran said I was lucky it was not the English one as that tasted very much like kaka and was far bigger. When Äiti came back she thought it was quite funny, but she was not laughing when she came home after a day at work as my other bit of mischief had been found out. Well, if she is silly enough to leave two versions of the same document open and a little kittencat innocently switches them with an accidental mouse click, who is to blame? It will not take her long to sort it out and she should learn better desktop management. And in fact she should learn no to work at home. My British siblings told me to stop whining (which was not very nice) as they had years of Äiti sat in front of the computer working away so that sometimes they were fed late. This is a terrible thought and really scares me - I hope I do not get nightmares. But it is true, Veli Stran said that he used to have to dig his claws really deep into her knees to get her to fill his bowl. The more I hear of their life back in England the worse it seems - sometimes Äiti would work in the middle of the night and that really disturbed everyone as sleep was impossible, and there were so many books and papers on chairs there were not enough beds to go round. And Äiti was never really happy.
Mind you, she is not very happy with me today so I think perhaps I had better be careful and use my sweetest kitten eyes to make sure everyone else gets the blame and not me.


Carolyn said...

Bramble writes:
"I must learn from your tricks. You are young but wise beyone your years. I think my mummy would find it very amusing if I edited her documents and ate her paperwork. Why would she work at home otherwise? I will try it next time she does. Any I can even do a better cute and innocent face than you can!"

Catio Tales said...

Punapippuri writes

No one can do cuter and more innocent than I do. If you wish to challenge me, Punapippuri of Muhos Fields to a cuteness contest - prepare to loose, Britcat Bramble of Dursley Meadows.