Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Veli Stran has been doing some very important exercises to keep fit. He has to do this to stop the bacteria and viruses making him ill. He finished his medicine yesterday so we are waiting to see how he feels. This morning he was very well because he held me in a headlock very hard. I tried to complain to Äiti but she was just laughing and saying things about revenge as she had been awake since 5am.


Unknown said...

I'm pleased to see that Stran is looking well - from all angles!

Mirka said...

SO CUTE!!!!:):)

Veli Stran should make an aerobics video!

Catio Tales said...

We might have to speed it up - this whole sequence took about 5 minutes. He has a very laid back approach to exercise. Apart from when chasing Punapippuri.