Tuesday, 20 January 2009

This is not fair. Perheni are saying I am 'scaredy cat' and 'kana'. Miksi? I am smaller than they are. Of course when they run after me I go to hide behind Äiti and look innocent. I am beginning to hear growls and some bad words as Veli Stran and Sisko Islay skid on the floor in front of Äiti so they do not crash into her, and I am nice and safely smiling at them from behind her legs. What is wrong with that ? Even Veli Lewis looked cross when I bit his lovely tender bottom and then hid in the sauna before he could chase me. They need to get fitter if they are going to catch me. Äiti was not happy though when she pulled some ginger fur which was not mine out from between my gentle kitten-soft teeth.

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