Sunday, 4 January 2009

Soon it will be time for joulukuusi to be taken down. Äiti has already taken away the lights because most mornings they had magically fallen to the floor (gravity - doesn't she understand it is gravity which does this?). It is a shame because our favourite game is to hide behind it and then leap out and surprise each other. I am the best at it of course.
Äiti has finally opened up her Finnish book so I am trying to test her on vocabulary and grammar. She would get biffed if she got the answer wrong. I got tired of hitting her so much (she was very tyhmä) and she was a bit fed up so I showed her my softer side and let her give me a cuddle.
I am even allowing her sometimes to comb my tummy as I have worked out it saves me so much washing, and makes me feel better. Veli Stran loves to have his chin combed but I am not ready for that yet. Äiti thinks he may be getting better again and we all hope so as we want our dried food back so we can eat whenever we want. But maybe we will still try to wake Äiti up twice each night so we can have the same wet food too! I am a growing kitten now after all.


Sirpa said...

You will enjoy combing when you get older and you are not in a hurry anymore. After combing you don't have to swallow so much hair. You will get used to combing. :)

You have grown bigger and look like nuorukainen. :)

Catio Tales said...

Punapippuri writes:

Hehehehe I love it when my adoring public say lovely things. Olen nuorukainen, nyt en ole kissanpoika :)

I shall be all grown up and try to cope with combing and brushing. There are things a big cat must deal with.......