Sunday, 11 January 2009

Punapippuri of Muhos Fields apologises to all his faithful blog readers for the lack of communication. Truth be known, there are many things that are happening which have taken my mind away from blogging and tampering with the computer. Life is exhausting for
a growing nourtenkissa and sometimes I have just had to lie down while the sun sets on tiring days. I have had visitors to see me, and my fame is growing. I regard all these little points on the map as conquests in my growing empire of admirers - it is hard to keep up with it all. However I am particularly pleased with my coverage of Norway.
Things are also happening which I do not quite understand like it is now so important I win every chase, and I am chasing Sisko Islay more and more (which is really funny as she is tubby). Veli Stran now lets me eat first. I know all the things are respect for my status and my magnificence but suddenly I found it quite strange. I think growing up is complicated.
It is not all hard work though. When Äiti finally shifted out of bed yesterday (she said she felt ill- any excuse not to feed us extra meals...), I helped with the sweeping and floor washing. She then got the laundry bag out and I discovered it was Ruotsista! Of course I had to check it out and destroy anything inside which might have harmed us. Äiti said it wasn't from Sweden but had actually come from England. This made me fight it even more - Veli Stran's virus came from England, and that is not good. I made sure I rolled my fur everywhere inside the bag. Äiti was not happy as it was the clean laundry bag. Does she think my fur is not clean????This morning Äiti had slept better (despite my attempts at pulling the hair on her toes - a new game I would recommend to anyone) and I went hunting fingers on the bed. You can see just how fast I am - she needs a better camera to catch all the action!


Punapippuri of Muhos Fields has found a wonderful Finnish role model, Vladimir. I have spent many hours looking at the photos on his webpage, and hope that perhaps Äiti can get some better photographs of me to show I am as agile as he is. I am not sure I want to go out in the snow though......


Sirpa ja Kollo said...

You have fans as far as in India and quite near Africa. Olet jo kuuluisuus kuten Vladimir Punikki. :)

Karin Parker said...

Punapippuri is purring so proudly I think he can be heard from India! he is one very self-confident and happy little boycat :)

Mirka said...

You look quite dangerous sometimes!! Watch your toes and other organs!