Friday, 23 January 2009

Nothing like a wash after a hard day. Äiti was home yesterday - in bed with a 'temperature'. I made sure that every time she stuck her feet out they were well cared for. And I checked her every hour or so just in case she wanted anything. She said she wanted to sleep but that didn't seem right and she needed to be awake to fight off a nasty fever so I made sure that did not happen. So I was very tired and had a good sleep when she went to work today. Now I am all groomed and ready for the weekend. It will be very hectic as I have to chase Sisko Islay to show her I am boss. Äiti has decided she will change Islay's name to AILA which sounds the same as her name should be pronounced only no one ever gets it right as it has silly English pronunciation. This makes her more of a Finncat so she had better learn puhua suomea and also learn respect for me!

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