Tuesday, 20 January 2009

I should have had my 'jab' yesterday but it has been postponed. I do not really know what his means but Veli Stran said I should be grateful. I had been very excited about going out, so had lots of energy. But not so much that I could not carefully stalk my prey like my African cousins in the grasslands. Here I am hunting Veli Harris. I did lots of hunting and fighting. There was a particualry fast rubber ball which needed a lot of chasing. And I now have a scratch on my nose. I hope it does not make an ugly scar as my face is so beautiful.
This morning Veli Stran got fed up and I had to struggle as he 'belly flopped' me. All I had done was bite his ear when Äiti was giving him a chin-tickle. Even Tessie-kilpikonna had to move out of our way fast.


Mirka said...

Poor turtle!!! Have you ever tried turtle soup? Haven't you ever thought of chasing the turtle's head before it goes hiding in the shell? It could be as much fun as the rubber ball!

Catio Tales said...


Stop this - I don't want you giving this confident little kitten ideas. He is bad enough already. Poor Tessie-kilpikonna will need therapy. She's an old lady - older than me!