Friday, 30 January 2009

Äiti has just shown me a film about The Moggery ! Please take the time to watch it if you want to know about English cats and where my lovely family came from ! It is quite a shock to see so many cats, and Christine and all the volunteers who look after them. There was also a shot of the vet that everyone went to which was two minutes from Äiti's old house - that made Veli Stran and Veli Lewis shudder a little as they remember her (she is very nice though and helped everyone a lot, so we do like her). And Täti Lydia was on it too - she fed my family when Äiti came here to get the flat ready for their grand arrival! She bought roast chicken everyday for them. I like the sound of her!
But it is sad too - so many cats that need homes. Many sad stories and cats who have not had a good start. Without The Moggery, I would have no family so it is a very important place.


Sirpa said...

Lovely cats and lovely people in a film! :)

It seemed very familiar: cats, food, litters, toys and volunteers. It is very important that there is people that are dedicated to animals.

There is finally the own house to cats, dogs and other animels in Riihimäki:

Sirpa said...

Ei kun vielä lisäys tuohon osoitteen eteen, että sivut näkyvät kunnolla :)

Catio Tales said...

Kiitos! Thank you for this link. It is many kilometres from me, otherwise I would try to go there to help. There are two smaller places here nearer Oulu.
I felt very sad watching the video as so many of the cats have been at The Moggery for a long time but it is really important they do not 'put to sleep' the animals unless they are sick. A friend of mine adopted a lovely old cat (maybe 15 years, maybe more) who had been thrown away onto a rubbish heap, in a sealed up plastic bag. She has had a lovely life since recovering from that horrible experience.

Sirpa said...

Many cats still get too little care and attention at homes and outside them. They won't get neutered and a vet never sees them. :( Many people think they are "vain kissoja".

I also had tears in my eyes when I watched the video. They took so good care of the cats. :)

Catnapped said...

As your Aiti can tell, that Mami has been very busy this week. But if your Aiti is interresteed, Mani could be able to spent one Saturday with in month in Raahe.

I have had an awful week. Mami and the Man has been somewhere all evenings. Luckily my Man has been home all day to day <3. Mami just hunts food to me, but the Man is my person <3.