Saturday, 6 December 2008

Voi voi! Thank you all for kind the comments. I have had a QUIET day. I have not been able to watch the famous film as Äiti went out and I have not yet worked out how to switch on all the different controls for the tv. I also missed all the pretty dresses at the President's Party. Äiti came back with many bags - with IKEA written on them. I think she took a quick trip to Sweden and I am not so happy about this even though she bought a new duvet for me to piddle-puddle on. There was a very patriotic puddle on the bed when she finally got home, but I will not say to her that it was not me but Veli Lewis who got scared as Äiti was away too long. We also had to wait a long time for our tea, which was not good even though she has tried to make it up with two pouches of kitten Latz/Felix/Pussi. I think I shall wait until 3am to tell her exactly what I think of her leaving us alone. And that will be 3am Finnish time, and Swedish time, and maybe even English time. Pah!

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