Wednesday, 31 December 2008

This is so not funny. I have to hide Äiti's camera I think. I know this was her revenge for me waking her by biting her toes when I was so so hungry at 7am (it was a whole four hours since our last feed - come to think, I bit her toes then as well). I am now of an age where this sort of view should be a little bit private. I know Veli Stran lies like this all the time but he doesn't count as he is a big soppy boy who has nothing there to hide. Voi voi.He is still very quiet and has a sore mouth - here I am trying to make it better by strangling the bacteria and viruses so they go away. He said it did not work.
Äiti has said that I can have a proper syntymäpäivä. She says as we have guessed I was 6 weeks old when I was wandering Muhos Fields, she thinks my official birthdate should be 10/09/08 as this is a nice date with a pattern in it. I do not care for that - I just want to get many presents and nice things every year. I do not have a nimipäivä so will miss out on this - everyone can give me double on my birthday. Äiti also said it would be useful to have this date for nasty things like vaccinations and neuterings. Nooooo!

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Catnapped said...

Pienistä palloista huolimatta Feliz Anno Nuevo!

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