Tuesday, 9 December 2008

There have been trying times for Punapippuri recently. Not only did Äiti abandon us and NOT bring back new toys from Sweden, there was what can only be called An Incident after the ice cream eating. Äiti has decided the yummy stuff should be banned from the house now. I strongly protest, but must admit the whole thing has been very traumatic.
Last night I seized my moment and got my licks well and truly into the ice cream box. Yummy. Äiti thought this was fine at first but an hour or so later when she wanted to play I was still washing away the evidence.
She then realised I had ice cream everywhere and my fur was glued down by it. She then gave my beautiful head A WASH! I was so shocked I did not struggle or fight (I am after all, a well behaved kitten). However my patience ended when she tried to dry me. As you can see this is my best 'do not dare look'.
Afterwards I had to admit I did look very handsome and clean, so attacked some toys to make sure everyone knew who was boss. I heard Veli Lewis and Veli Harris whisper something about a tantrum as I was tearing around hitting things on strings. They would have a hissyfit if they had been treated like I was!
And then, unbelievable as it is, I saw Sisko Islay in the kitchen.
She was sitting smiling in my box of food. She must have eaten it all! 24 tins of kitten food all gone and her fat tummy there instead. She had even eaten the tins themselves! I hope Äiti realises what she has done and goes to buy us lihaa and kana instead.
I did of course make my protests known through out the night and am now under threat of sleeping in the sauna again. Life is very difficult for a kitten at the moment here. At least I have a few months left with my pieniä polloja.
And maybe things are not so bad as Veli Stran (who has been washing me too - he is much gentler than Äiti) has now finished his medicine and seems very happy and playful. I have been guarding him against bacteria and viruses, and every time Äiti fills up the bird feeder and he wants to go out I try to stand in his way and bite his belly instead.

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Mirka said...

You must ban your äiti from buying ice-cream. If she brings it, pof course it is your duty to finish it! So all the suffering is actually your äitis fault.

Mirka is looking for train timetables and I am trying to catch the arrow on the screen. Maybe a whole train is going to be full of christmas presents for us? Wonder if presents come from Kuopio? First she needs to find an empty train to send there and count how many days it's gonna take to fill it up with JOULUKUUSI with all the toys hanging from it, KISSANRAAPIMISPUU and other stuff.Hope you are going to get JOULUKUUSI! Tellu says it is enjoyable if when you're 15 years old!