Sunday, 21 December 2008

Something called Christmas is happening and we are all very excited (except Veli Harris and Veli Lewis who are a bit scared because Äiti has been moving things). Äiti says we will not have a 'normal' Christmas because that would mean lots of people come to visit, often with children who would demand to play with us and pull our tails, and luckily there are no children in Äiti's family, only us lovely cats (she says nice things to us sometimes!). But she has said we can celebrate properly now we are in Finland and she bought us a tree.
At the moment I can hear noises which means that Islay is busy trying to pull down the tree. Äiti has 'only' put lights on it so far, and presents under it. There are parcels from England which contain things for us! Maybe they contain catnip - Veli Lewis had fun yesterday with his catnip apple but Äiti said she would not hang that from the tree as it would be a bad idea....And Täti Johanna came round yesterday and gave me a big red present which is under the tree - apparently I cannot open it yet. I have to wait for December 25th - but as I am a Finncat I think I can open it on December 24th when Joulu Pukki comes- if I am nice to Äiti.
But we have had our big presents! Äiti came home with a huge new play centre and a new scratching post we can actually play INSIDE.
I like the new play centre though and we can watch the birds from it, and hit each other.
Äiti says she has one more day at 'work' and then will be with us for two weeks which is wonderful as we can play all the time. And she can learn more Finnish as she has not been buying us enough ice cream from the shops.
Veli Stran has had a quiet time but his ears are not burning so much today. We have had all our biscuits taken away because he can only eat soft food. He has horrible red ulcers in his mouth and they hurt him, so must heal. I hope they heal soon. Äiti has said that he has a virus, probably from England when he was a young kissapoika born on the streets, and only now many years later is he becoming ill from it. I hate this place called England - it seems that many of my poor distant cousins have a very bad time there. Äiti says maybe we look at the videos of the cat home where my family came from but I am scared to see it and Äiti says she would cry too much. But what is important is that MY family is safe and warm and has love. Even if sometimes we bite feet, and scratch the furniture, and steal food, and make kitten smells, we know we are loved and that is the best feeling in the world.


Sirpa said...

Fine presents!!! I am sure that joulupukki visits you and your family.

I think that I will get just herkkuruokaa for Christmas Katkarapuja. I already have so many toys.

Merry Christmas to you and your family!
Kollo-kissa with Sirpa

Mirka said...

I am SO ENVIOUS for your new play centre. It looks like LINNANMÄKI to me. I think I'm gonna visit it one day and stick to the scratching post so that Mirka cannot take me back home. I have to settle with the KUNTOPYÖRÄ play centre :(. I am not sure if we get a christmas tree as well as MIrka things I would ruin the whole apartment if we get one. I have never seen such a tree, but Tellu says it is a lot of fun for even a cat of her age. Mirka's friend Helvi told we MUST get one and her husband will bring even just a small one for us from their forest if MIrka does not buy one, so I'm still hoping. We are going to have a boring eve as Eetu and MIrka will go to MYllykylä(Where your ÄITI has been on her way to LENTOKENTTÄ)for dinner, but we cannot go as THE DOGS will be there and SIrjas dogs are BIG and do not like cats. I would like to see cat UNCLE LAKU, which likes to play a lot. I wonder how he will survive the christmas with the DOGS. Maybe we take UNCLE LAKU with us? BUt Tellu does not agree. She does not want to play so much and gets irritated with LAKU staring at her.