Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Sisko Islay has been sneezing so much today - I have to leap out of the way every time. Veli Stran is sleeping a lot - I am the only one with energy I think. I am pleased to report Äiti opiskelee suomea. Hän lukee pieni vauva kirjan kissoista ja yrittää ymmärtä. Hän ei ole nopeasti! But we all have to start somewhere.
And she has reminded me that perhaps I am not so mature - after every meal I still come to Äiti to try to find maitoa. I givr my best cute eyes at the end of this video, but I am not happy that she has these pictures of me, the great Punapippuri of Muhos Fields.

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Mirka said...

Your äiti must buy you some cat milk to make you comfortable. It's Ok to be a baby just a little bit. I did climb up the curtains again and got thrown into a bed at least5times the other day and M. got me on the camera, but has some difficulties in adding the pictures again, which is good. I do not need that kind of JULK`?I, 66*s s6 s JULKISUUS. Sorry I had to walk on the NÄPPÄIMISTÖ as it's fun.Hehe.