Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Punapippuri is overjoyed that my adoring public wants more blogging, and are impatient if I skip a day! I do apologise and have included many pictures to try to make up for the disappointment of no messages of hope and wisdom yesterday. It is all Äiti's fault. Very very much so. She was late home - she said she had a Finnish class but I am not sure as there was no evidence of any improvement in r-rolling. She did however have 36 tins of kitten food but I was disappointed that I was not allowed them all at once.
Then she did not go into sauna but had webcam chat with Täti Carolyn in England. Serkku Bramble and Serkku Treacle were very quiet at the end of the chat so I decided to call up on Skype myself some cat friends in Oulu. Äiti caught me, and now has password protected the computer from my kitten paws so I can now only blog when she allows. This may be wise because last time I did 'crash the computer' which is very clever of me as it Linux I wrecked. Hehehehe.
I was not happy with this though and had anxious dreams of how to access my blog and crack the password.
I have thought from every angle. I have tried all our names and they do not work. Voi voi.
Veli Harris normally knows everything but says little (is he perhaps a Finn ?) but even he could not help.
And Veli Lewis just wanted to check I had any little balls. How rude! So I bit his.
So you can see I have been very busy. Veli Stran and I have been playing and he is feeling much better. Well enough to run away from Äiti when she has his medicine. Sisko Islay has also been chasing me, and she has been very naughty because she went to sit in the kitchen sink yesterday as she likes licking bowls. I think I should watch her carefully - she has had much experience with computers and may be able to help me with my password.....


Carolyn said...

Serkku Bramble and expecially Serkku Treacle will be noisy for you one day, you just need to catch them at the right moment.

Good luck with finding out the password and getting in touch with all your cat friends and admirers!

Lovely photos again, what a handsome cat!

Catio Tales said...

Punapippuri writes:

Kiitoksia sinusta! Olen kaunis poikakissa! I look forward to when Serkku Bramble and Serkku Treacle come to visit next June :P
Sisko Islay says Serkku Bramble is good fun to play with but has smelly breath, and also a few troubles in the duvet puddle department. I shall look for them on webcam and try to call as much as possible now I am expert on Skype. But I still have not found the password but I do keep freezing the number pad and Äiti cannot find how to fix it. Hehehehe.