Sunday, 28 December 2008

Äiti was out for the afternoon and came back late smelling of KOIRA. I had my revenge by waking her up at 2am as I wanted a snack. This will teach her to go and visit other people with lots of animals. She did say she had also been with some very lovely cats but they were more sensitive and did not leave smells everywhere.
Sleeping was such hard work yesterday, I had to sleep some more to recover.
This meant I was ready for action when Äiti began 'sorting cupboards'. This was good fun as I found new places to hide and also to leave my fur. Veli Stran said it was easier back in England to leave fur on something called carpet but these got very dusty and smelly (especially when Sisko Kilda who was blind and old and now is dead missed the litter box and puddled on the carpet hehehehe).

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