Friday, 26 December 2008

Äiti is getting forgetful. I had to wake her again this morning at 6am, and then at 8am because she had totally forgotten it was playtime. She has been showing careful attention to Veli Stran and his poor mouth does not seem to be getting better. And we are all very very bored with wet paste food (Hills - not quite expensive enough for us). So she went to the fridge and got the Stockmann's pate out for him! Not for us, but just for him, and she held me away while he had some. Voi voi. But I was to clever for her and manged to taste some - after all, tasting food is my job.
It was yummy and quite good enough for Veli Stran. And I saw Äiti having some later (but she did not use the bowl).
She says we are having friends over and we will eat curry which is very stinky - at least the kitchen smells funny at the moment. At least she has cleaned the litter trays ready for us if we do taste it - although apparently it is full of vegetables - kasvisruokaa. Yäk.
In the meantime I am sharing the activity tree with Veli Stran. He is just small enough to let me fit next to him.

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